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Group Health Insurance


Group Health Insurance Can Be Affordable

Helping our business clients find Affordable Group Health Insurance plans or Affordable Employee Benefits is what we do. We have access to all of the major Health Insurance Companies in California, including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Health Net and many more. We have over 25 years experience helping businesses sift through all of the different companies and plan options to find the Right Plan for their specific needs and budget.

We make it simple, easy and fast for our clients. We get a little information from you regarding your company and then we go to work for you shopping all of your options for you. You can rest assured that Lewis Financial Insurance Services, Inc. will have the best rates available since Group Health Insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by the State of California.  Where Lewis Financial Insurance Services, Inc. excels is with our friendly, knowledgeable staff who are able to determine which plan will fit your needs best. We believe in servicing your account all year round; not just for the initial sale.

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How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

Group Health Insurance is health insurance coverage offered by an employer for the employees, the business owner and potentially the dependents of both. Business owners offer Group Health Insurance to attract good employees, retain good employees and to offer additional benefits to their employees and tax incentives for themselves.

Employers select Health Insurance plans to offer to their group and invite employees to participate. Usually, 75{d4a3bbfc470bcb11cd25c17fb07bb472afb883e557e3719d75489f94d0e947e4} of employees are required to participate in the Group Health Insurance in order for the group to be accepted by the health insurance company. This is called a participation requirement.

In addition to a participation requirement there is a contribution requirement. Typically, an employer has to pay for or “contribute” at least 50{d4a3bbfc470bcb11cd25c17fb07bb472afb883e557e3719d75489f94d0e947e4} of the employee’s premium each month. Although the minimum contribution amount is 50{d4a3bbfc470bcb11cd25c17fb07bb472afb883e557e3719d75489f94d0e947e4}, the average contribution amount employers pay is around 80{d4a3bbfc470bcb11cd25c17fb07bb472afb883e557e3719d75489f94d0e947e4}.

With the Affordable Care Act, every Individual Health Insurance and Small Group Health Insurance plan is guaranteed issue. Meaning, there are no medical history questions. Insurance companies cannot decline for pre-existing conditions or rate up or charge a higher premium for a sicker individual or group. This also means that Health Insurance companies cannot charge less for health insurance plans where people take better care of themselves and/or are healthier.

Is Group Health Insurance Right For My Business?

Changes in the Health Insurance industry due to the Affordable Care Act, will cause employers to think twice as to whether or not they should offer Employee Health Benefits to their employees. Providing Health Insurance Benefits to your employees has always been a great way to attract good employees and retain existing employees. However, in some cases it may now be more cost effective for some employees if you do not offer them Health Insurance coverage at all.  Lewis Financial Insurance Services, Inc. has the experience to help you decide which Health Insurance plan, if any, is best for you and your business!

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